Election Notice – 2016

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QCFI Chapters & Life Members

Sub: Nomination for election to the Executive Board for the year 2016-2019.

In accordance with clause No:3.1.1 of the Constitution of QCFI, Notice is issued for Election to the Executive Board for 2016 in place of Directors due to retire. They are Sri. B. Balakrishnan, Dr. Ashok Rai, Sri. N.B. Shah, Sri. Abhijit Ghosh, Sri. M. Sankarasubramanian, Sri. Harindra Kumar Garg ,  & Sri. B. Kumar.  In all seven Directors are to be elected subject to the conditions laid down in clause Nos: 3.3.1, 3.3.3 and 3.3.4 of the Constitution.

For Election to the Executive Board only one Director shall be elected from each zone under clause 3.1.1 and two Directors under clause 3.1.3 of the Constitution of QCFI.

It is, hereby, notified that the life members of the forum intended to contest for election may send their nomination in the prescribed proforma which can be obtained from QCFI-HQ web site from 6th  June 2016, so as to reach the Returning officer QCFI,  duly filled and signed on or before 27th June, 2016. QCFI Executive Board has appointed Executive Director as Returning officer for the election as per clause 3.5.3 of the Constitution of QCFI.

The calendar for completing the process of election is shown below for information and appropriate action. The amended clause for election in the constitution of QCFI is also shown below for ready reference.

Secunderabad                                                                               Date: 6th June, 2016

D.K. Srivastava
Returning officer


Issue of notice for election of Directors and Calling nomination                  6th June, 2016

Last date for filing of nominations                                                             27th June, 2016

Last date for withdrawal of nomination                                                        3rd July, 2016

Date for issue of ballot papers for valid Nominations                                   10th July, 2016

Last date for request of duplicate ballot paper through email
in case, ballot paper not received up to 15th August 2016                          20th Aug, 2016

Last date for receipt of ballot papers from voters                                        9th Sept, 2016

Counting of vote and declaration of election result.                                     10th Sept, 2016

Clauses amended in the constitution of the QCFI for the Election of Executive Board.

 The Management of the Forum shall be entrusted to an Executive Board. The strength of the Board shall not exceed twenty five Directors.

3.1.1.   Fifteen Directors, three from each specified Zone. Irrespective of the number of chapters in the region, will be elected by the life members and Institutional members of the respective regions.

3.1.2.   Irrespective of the number of Employees in the Establishment/Organisation, each Institutional member will have only one vote in the election of Executive Board Members.

3.1.3.   Six Directors will be elected for their specialized knowledge by a coliseum consisting of Directors and the Chapter(s) Governing Council Members. Each Director and each Chapter will have one vote.

3.1.4.  The Executive Board can also co-opt upto 4 eminent persons from society/industry/educational sector etc., for a period of one year as Director.

3.3.1.   For propagation of Quality Concepts the country is divided into Five Zones with present chapters/sub-chapters/Centres therein. However, chapters/sub-chapters/Centres formed in future, the executive board shall decide its jurisdiction of the Zone to which they belong to.

            North Zone: Delhi Chapter, Kanpur Chapter, Gwalior Chapter, Haridwar Chapter,
Rajsamand Chapter, Jaipur Sub Chapter.

            South Zone: Bangalore Chapter, Mysore Chapter, Chennai Chapter, Madurai Chapter,
Coimbatore Chapter, Hosur Sub-Chapter.

            East Zone: Kolkata Chapter, Durgapur Chapter, Bokaro Chapter, Rourkela Chapter,
Varanasi Centre & Guwahati Centre.

            West Zone: Vadodara Chapter, Mumbai Chapter, Pune Chapter, Aurangabad Chapter,
Ankleshwar Chapter,  Thane Sub- Chapter.

            Central Zone: Hyderabad Chapter, Visakhapatnam Chapter, Bhilai Chapter, Nagpur
Chapter Tirupati Chapter.

3.3.2.   Number of Directors from each chapter:

            At any given time Executive Board will not have more than one person as Director from the same Chapter/Sub-Chapter/Centre. In case of extreme necessity it can be one more director nominated with concurrence of the Majority of the Chapters/Sub-Chapters/Centres in the Zone.

3.3.3.   Tenure of the Director

No Director shall hold Office for more than 9 years continuously i.e. first term of 3 years and they can be re-elected two more terms each of three years effective 2015. After completion of 9 years continuously. They can again contest for election after a break of one year.

3.3.4.   Directors with specialized knowledge.

Apart from the above 15 Directors elected from the 5 Zones (3 from each Zone) there shall be 6 Directors who shall be elected for their specialized knowledge from the following fields.

  1. 3 Directors will be elected with experience and/or expertise in the area of Education, Social and health Care.
  2. 3 Directors will be elected with experience in Small and Medium enterprises, Service Sectors and Government Administration Departments.

Chapter Governing Council/Directors will identify eminent persons in the fields specified         above and forward the name to HQs for organizing the elections. Such nominees have to       be life members of QCFI.

3.5.1.   Three (3) Directors from each of the Zone will be elected by the Life members and Institutional Members of the Chapters/Sub chapters/ Centres of the Zone.

When a new Chapter is formed, the Executive Board will decide a Zone for the new chapter.

  1. For the purpose of election to the Board of Directors from a zone, electorate shall be the following members of the Forum.

i) Individual Life Members

ii) Institutional Members (Annual or Permanent Members)

a. Election to the Board for 6 Special Directors shall have coliseum consisting of all the               Directors and all the Chapters each having one vote.

b.  In case of tie, President will have an additional vote.


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