Supplementary 5S National Conclave 2021


QCFI has recently conducted 7th National Conclave (Virtual) with a function on 10th June, 2021. It was a grand success and appreciated by one and all.

Download Brochure  – Supplementary 5S National Conclave 2021

However, due to the pandemic many of the organisations could not participate. In view of the present situation, where there is a good amount of relaxation, organisations have asked QCFI whether they can organize a supplementary conclave on 5S just as NCQC – Supplementary. This opportunity for participation will encourage them (including MSMEs), so that they too can participate in ICQCC’21 if the projects are found good.

Keeping with the deference to the wishes of the Member Organisations QCFI is happy to announce to organised Supplementary 5S National Conclave. Hence this brochure on “5S Supplementary Conclave” is enclosed.

Conclave Supplementary is scheduled between 1st – 5th Aug’21 and the function will be held on 12.08.21.

Procedures for participation in various streams, Fee Structure & Methodology will remain the same as per the earlier brochure on 7th National Conclave. We are herewith enclosing a soft copy of 5S Supplementary Brochure for your kind perusal & action.

The President, ED & the Members of the Board extend their cordial invitation to organisations which have missed the first opportunity to avail this supplementary.

Download Brochure  – Supplementary 5S National Conclave 2021

With Regards,

D.K. Srivastava
Executive Director


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