5-S concept for sustenance of cleanliness, “SWACHH BHARAT” movement in India


5-S concept for sustenance of cleanliness, "SWACHH BHARAT" movement in India

For a Swachh Bharat, we need an aggressive adoption of 5S. The underlying 5S principles are easy to communicate in any language. Further, 5S principles can be easily understood by employees at all levels in governmental and private organizations / institutions. 5S principles must also be taught to school children.

Lets share these youtube links on your social media platforms to reach every citizen and organization in India and lets make India Swachh by following 5S.

5S Awareness Video in Hindi by Shri.D.K.Srivastava, E.D., QCFI

5S Awareness Video in English by Shri.D.K.Srivastava, E.D., QCFI