5S – Workplace Management


In the present industrial scenario and global competition Total Quality Management is best known concept for achieving any business excellence. The three important Quality Concepts for this are identified as 5-S (Workplace Management), Kaizen (Continuous improvement) and TPM (Total Productive maintenance). This programme is conceptualised to impart knowledge to integrate these concepts and practice them effectively under the umbrella of TQM to work towards Business excellence with a view in an integrated manner.

5-S is a specialized and systematic function for the transformation of the work place through involvement of all the employees by understanding Good house keeping and Good manufacturing practices and to sustain the 5-S in organisation.

Kaizen concept is for continuous, low cost, commonsense incremental improvements by bringing changes at the work place, in work culture thereby increasing productivity.

TPM implementation it is not only for preventive maintenance of machines and equipments, but also for better efficiency in offices. Detailed methods and techniques for implementing TPM in the organisation to achieve its true potential are covered in this workshop.

Learning through interactive sessions, syndicate exercises and group activities (discussions, case studies etc). It is conducted in-house and as workshop course content

  • 5-S’
  • Kaizen
  • Concept of TPM
  • Importance of visual management
  • Tag system
  • Autonomous Maintenance
  • Manager’s Model
  • Productive Maintenance
  • Quality Maintenance
  • TPM Circles – SGA
  • One point lesson
  • Process capability
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • GTT. study.
  • TPM in office
  • How to implement in systematic way and sustain it
  • A Report on 2ND KAIZEN MELA at Madurai – 30th May 2015 Presentation