Haridwar Contestants with SMS Poll codes

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Contestant NameSMS CodeProfile links
Mr. Ashish Bhargava11View Profile
Mr. B.D.Sharma12View Profile
Mr. B.N. Saxena 13View Profile
Mr. Bharat Mathur14View Profile
Mr. Bhuwnendra Kumar15View Profile
Mr. Chandra Sekhar Sahoo16View Profile
Mr. Deepak P17View Profile
Mr. J.K.Kaushik18View Profile
Mr. Kamal Kulshreshtha19View Profile
Mr. Naresh Kumar Manwani20View Profile
Mr. Prashant Chauhan21View Profile
Mr. R.K.Chokani22View Profile
Mr. R.K.Sud23View Profile
Mr. Raajjhesh Rawatt24View Profile
Mr. Ravi Kant Gupta25View Profile
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma26View Profile
Mr. Shashi Bhushan Prasad27View Profile
Mr. Suresh Palgay28View Profile
Mr. Vikas Goyal29View Profile

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Mr. Ashish Bhargava
SMS Code 11
SMS Code 12
Mr. B.N. Saxena
SMS Code 13
Mr. Bharat Mathur
SMS Code 14
Mr.Bhuwnendra Kumar
SMS Code 15
Mr. Chandra Sekhar S
SMS Code 16
Mr. Deepak P
SMS Code 17
Mr. J.K. Kaushik
SMS Code 18
Mr. Kamal K
SMS Code 19
Mr. Naresh Kumar M
SMS Code 20
Mr. Prashant C
SMS Code 21
MR. R.K. Chokani
SMS Code 22
Mr. R.K. Sud
SMS Code 23
Raajjhesh Rawatt
SMS Code 24
Mr Ravi Kant Gupta
SMS Code 25
Mr Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
SMS Code 26
Mr.Shashi Bhushan Prasad
SMS Code 27
Mr. Suresh Palgay
SMS Code 28
Mr. Vikas Goyal
SMS Code 29