125th Birth aniversary of a Great Indian. A Shining Star in Statistical Horizon – Prof P.C.Mahalnobis


A Shining Star in Statistical Horizon – Prof P.C.Mahalnobis 29-06-1983 to 28-07-1972

Statistics being a branch of science,
In Quality Management – great is its significance,
QC, SPC, Six Sigma – terms well known,
To understand defects, ways they have shown

About the expertise of Quality Gurus – When we study.
We find they had statistical foudation – strong & sturdy
On the Indian scene a stalwart we had – PC Mahalnobis.
For its Propagation and application, he laid a lot of emphasis.

The Indian Statistical Institute – his brain child,
To cater to Education, Research & Services – it is styled,
That he carried statistics and is application with passion,
PM Nehru hand picked him for Planning Commission.

Data Collection, collation, presentation and interpretation,
Basis they are, for policy formulation and project implementation.
As the founder of National Sampling Survey – an arm of government,
An instrument – he created to get vital data for national development.

With innumerable awards chasing him one after the other,
His success cap is full of many a colourful feather.
Dr WA Shewart bequeathing his manuscripts and library to the institute,
Value adduition, he has made to its glory and repute.

Remembered for “Mahalanobis distance” – a great contribution,
A technique he used for his studies in anthropometry in our nation,
On the occasion of his 125th birthday Celebration,
let us salute him and convey best wishes to his Institution.

The National Statistics Day, celebrated every year on June 29 to mark the birth anniversary of renowned statistician Prof. P.C. Mahalanobis. He is best remembered for the Mahalanobis distance, a statistical measure and for being one of the members of the first Planning commission of free India.