Prof. Ishikawa does not need any introduction. He is known the world over as the Father of Quality Circles. QCFI is indeed grateful to him for all the guidance and support he has been rendering towards introduction of the concept of Quality Circles in India. It is indeed a happy occasion that the inaugural issue of this Quarterly Journal carries a message from him.

Dr.Kaoru Ishikawa(1915-1990) letter to QCFI

I offer Quality Circle Forum of India my sincerest congratulations on the publication of “Quality Circle India”

QC Circle Activities were begun in 1962 in Japan. Now, the activities have been promoted among 43 countries in the world, and have gained a solid result. I am sure that QC Circle Activities, whose basic idea is to respect humanity, can be applied to at country in the world because human beings are human beings. And the activities are helpful to improve Quality and productivity and more over to build a happy bright work-shop. The QC Circle Fundamentals are as follows:

The QC Circle is

a small group
to perform voluntarily Quality control activities
within the same workshop

This small group carries on continously as a part of Company-wide Quality Control Activities
self-development and mutual deveopment,
control and improvement within the workshop,
and utilising quality control techniques with all the members participating

The basic idea behind QC Circle Activities is to

Contribute to the improvement and development of the enterprise Respect Humanity and make it worthwhile to live and build a happy bright workshop.
Display human capabilities fully and eventually draw out infinite possibilities

as a part of company-wide Quality Control Activities

I hope that he Indian people will promote QC Circle Activities according to the above General Principles and i wish you success in developing Indian Industry through QC Circle Activities.

Note* This article was published in First journal of QCFI in October, 1983.