QCFI Bengaluru chapter has conducted a 2nd conclave on Poka Yoke, Jidoka & SMED on 5 th January 2019.


A total of 48 teams participated in this event and also 27 delegates witnessed during this conclave from 29 Organizations.

The inaugural function commenced with invocation at 9.30 hrs with the welcome speech by Sri. A.L Kishen. Sri. R. Suresh chairman addressed the gathering about the benefit and importance of such conclaves commenced with Bengaluru Chapter.

Sri. M.A.Ramanujam introduced all the 6 juries who are supporting this event. Finally Sri. G. Natarajan briefed about the program details and the procedures.

The presentation of case studies was planned at 3 different parallel halls with 2 juries in each hall from 10 hrs to 15 hrs with a break for lunch in between from 13 hrs to 14 hrs. The valedictory session started at 15.30 hrs with the welcome address by Sri. R. Suresh by inviting 2 eminent chief guests Sri. P. R. Suresh (General Manager at Sansera Engineering), and Sri. Padmanabhan (General Manager- Aerospace Division (Quality) at Dynamatic Technologies Limited. Sri. P.R. Suresh addressed the gathering with motivating and inspiring words and impressed about the importance of involvement in such activities. He also expressed about his past experiences.

Sri. Padmanabhan addressed about the technicality of such presentations and also impressed with a numerical magical game to achieve the target in the organization 3 Juries have shared their experience and address the participants about their great enthusiastic involvement of solving the problem and impressing through power point presentation and also gave few technical key points for further improvements in their respective areas.

Few participants and delegates have shared their views and expressed the happiness about the knowledge gained and felt incorporating many such improvements in their respective organization. Finally both the chief guests and chairman of QCFI Bengaluru distributed the awards/trophies to all winning teams and certificates to all delegates who have participated. The conclave concluded with the vote of thanks by Sri. Srinivasa Kulkarni (Hon. Secretary) to all concerned and involved directly / indirectly with their support and dispersed at 17.00hrs.

List of Juries supported
1 Sri. Prakash Sartorious Stedim India Pvt Ltd
2 Sri. Sanjay Autoliv India Pvt ltd
3 Sri. Veeresh Math Autoliv India Pvt ltd
4 Smt. Komalashree Raymonds
5 Sri. Rakesh Mishra Toyota Industries Engine India
6 Sri. Vasu. R TAFE

List of GC members present
1 R. Suresh – Hon.Chairmen
2 A.L. Kishen – Hon.Vice Chairmen
3 Srinivasa Kulkarni – Hon.Secretary
4 M. A. Ramanujam – Hon.Jt. Secretary
5 K. Ramesh – Hon.Treasurer
6 M.R. Subramanya Sastry – Hon.Editor(QC Herald)
7 G. Natarajan – Hon.Council Member
8 G. N. Sridhar – Hon.Council Member


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