Agile Yellow Belt & Green Belt Programs


QCFI is pleased to announce Agile Yellow & Agile Green Belt programs.

Salient Features of our solutions are listed below:

  1. Our Turbo Methodologies and improvised methologies/tools which facilitate teams to complete improvements projects earlier by 1-3 months accelerating quantum-retuns!
  2. Sharp focus on “improvement projects-based interventions“. Even alongwith our 5S Certification by JSUE Japan process, we now provide 10-25 SGA improvement project teams training and facilitation at nominal additional cost.
  3. Developing In-house Trasforming – Champions at nominal additional investment to sustain internal drive!
  4. Effective Workshop designs to facilitate learning by working on real-projects to shorten payback period.
  5. Integrated RIGHT belnd of approaches/tools/management prinicipals / best practives to address in holistic manner all stakeholders expectations !
Download AYB Brochure
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You are most welcome to send queries for this most economical and most impactful program. This will surely be a different delightful experience.

Download Agile Yellow Belt Program Brochure
Download Agile Green Belt Program Brochure

Sunil Shrivastava
Mobile: 7894400702