TQM-India Unison – 2024 Report


In pursuit of advancing the nation’s trajectory through superior World-class quality in Indian Industries and Services Sector, the Centre of Excellence – Quality Circle Forum of India organized National TQM Events at Gwalior at ABV-IIITM, hosted by QCFI Gwalior Chapter on 19-20 April 2024. The theme was: “Total Quality Approach: Ultimate Growth Lever”. The event saw the participation of over 500 delegates and 78 TQM cases-teams. This collaboration laid the groundwork for concrete decision making for shaping the future of TQM in India.

TQM-India Summit on 19th April, 2024
The Summit commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by esteemed dignitaries,
followed by a captivating dance performance by students from Gwalior Glory Vidyalaya,
symbolizing the five elements. Mr. Avinash Mishra, President- Quality Circle Forum of India,
welcomed delegates, highlighting the significance of TQM amidst global competition and its
pivotal role in industrial development. Mr. DK Srivastava, Executive Director-QCFI,
underscored the importance of TQM, announcing Gwalior as the venue for this year’s QCFI
National Convention too. He elaborated on the implementation and benefits of Quality
Management and World-Class Manufacturing, urging students to embrace these ideologies
for nation’s progress. Mr. Sunil Srivastava, Chief Operating Officer and Convener of TQM
India UNISON, provided insights into the Two days events agenda and the Summit,
emphasizing the need to contextualize and implement Indian quality ideologies establishing
‘righteousness/excellence’ in all respects and ‘Auspiciousness’ for all in a holistic way! Prof.
AK Mittal, Chief Advisor-QCFI, emphasized that quality, for both consumers and providers,
translates into ‘value for money’, a principle which is central to TQM. The Chief Guest of
Summit Inaugural Function, Mr. Rajesh Chhabra, Director-Operations- Mondelez India
(Cadbury) emphasized for applications of TQM approaches for operational excellence and
mentioned about their effective practices of Lean Six Sigma. Keynote speaker Shri Yogesh
Upadhyay, Vice-Chancellor, ITM University, stressed the customer’s paramount importance
in TQM, drawing parallels to the concept of “Purnameedam” from the Upanishads.
Prof. SN Singh, Director ABV-IIITM, Guest of Honor, emphasized ethical practices in
product/service delivery to ensure customer satisfaction and rights, echoing Gandhi’s
assertion that “Customer is God.” The Inaugural function also saw the unveiling of the TQM
Souvenir by dignitaries, Acknowledgements by the Convenor Mr. Sunil Shrivastava and vote
of thanks by Mr. Sameer Seth, Vice Chairman, Gwalior Chapter.

The Summit on 19th April featured sessions from Senior Management from Industries
sharing industry perspectives, best TQM practices, presentations by them and discussions
on TQM implementation and experiences in various industries with respect to their TQM
Models. Throughout the event, industry experts shared their experiences and insights,
illustrating the transformative impact of TQM in diverse sectors, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence. Mr. Manoj Soni, Vice President- Hindustan Zinc
Ltd., Mr. Narsimha Kumar SVN, Head-Quality Bharat Electronics Ltd, Bengaluru, Mr.
Jitendra Ahirwar, Head BE-BALCO and others shared their Business Excellence Models – for insightful discussions and extrapolations! The Chief Guest of Valedictory Function of the Summit was Mr. R S Rathod, Chancellor, Vikrant University, Gwalior who shared a very impactful story and a revolutionary movement at Gwalior on ‘Umuganda’ – A cleanliness drive spearheaded by him at Gwalior – as a gateway to Total Quality across India.

QCFI recognized another Quality Champion in Mr Tapan Bhattacharjee, plant head of
Surya Roshni Limited, who had done exceptional kaizen movement in his plant and he
shared his experiences and conviction of Total Quality as special guest of honour in the
valedictory function of the Summit on first day.

The ‘Acknowledgements’ and ‘summary’ of day’s keynote speakers was done by the
Convenor Mr Sunil Shrivastava, and the vote of thanks by Mr Thomas Mathew, Hony Secy,
Host – Gwalior Chapter. Participants also had the opportunity to visit SRF and Godrej Consumer Industries, enriching their understanding of TQM applications in real-world settings on 18th April’2024.

TQM-India Conclave on 20th April, 2024
Various Organization from across India showcased their improvement projects using
structured Quality thought process. Total 78 Teams participated. The presentations were
made in nine halls and evaluated by a panel of judges for 30 % weightage. Pre-evaluation
of 70% weightage was done prior to the event. Participating teams included representatives from JK Tyre, Godrej Consumer, Hindustan Zinc, Vedanta, Bharat Electronics, Bharat Aluminum, Gwalior Mondelez India (Cadbury), JSW Surya Roshni, Sirpur Paper, Torrent Power and also creative Quality-cases from Next-Gen. education institutions of Glory School, Bharatiya Vidya Niketan, Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, and others.

The Valedictory Program commenced at 2 pm, beginning with the felicitation of judges by
Mr. DK Srivastava, Mr. Avinash Mishra, and Mr. AK Mittal. Among the distinguished judges
were Dr. Narendra Kumar Sharma, Dr. T.N. Srivastava, Mr. Jairam Mishra, Mr. Pradeep
Tripathi, Mr. Sandeep Khedkar, Mr. Ajay Sharma, Mrs. Rekha Tiwari, Mrs. Jayati Mukherjee,
and Mr. Tarun Gulati. Mr. Avinash Mishra, President of QCFI, expressed his anticipation for
the convention to pave the way for transformative efforts by QCFI to help all sectors of
Industries and Service Sectors. The valedictory session’s chief guest, Mr. Ashok Singh, Vice
President – JK Tyre & Industries, Banmore, shared insights gained from TQM training at
Toyota Motor and Denso Japan, highlighting JK Tire’s Deming journey and fostering
collaboration. Special guest Prof. SN Singh, Director of ABV-IIITM, elucidated the integrated.

IT and Management course, while Executive Director DK Srivastava disclosed opportunities
for teams to participate in the national convention and offered guidance on presentation
improvement. Shri Avinash Upadhyay, Director-North at QCFI, stressed the importance of
a value-based work methodology. Shri Sunil Srivastava emphasized the assimilation of
various reform models into an Indian context so that even small Indian organizations can
take up Total Quality journey through an Indian TQM Model for much higher growth in
smarter and more effective ways at affordable “investment”.

Following the honors, the TQM-Conclave results were announced, with 39 teams receiving
the “Par Excellent” award and 30 teams earning the Excellent award. There were special
awards as well. Bharat Electronics Ltd, Bengaluru was awarded for Maximum Participation
in two days event of TQM-INDIA UNISON 2024.

First time TQM Awards were announced by Centre of Excellence, TQM Division for the Best
TQM Organization against laid out criteria. Three organizations qualified with their best
practices and system to earn the “Best TQM Organization” Award; and were – Hindustan
Zinc Limited, Udaipur, Bharat Aluminum Company, Korba and Vedanta Limited,

Thomas Mathew, Secretary of the Gwalior Chapter, extended the vote of thanks. Mrs. Shaili
Saxena and Mrs. Anupama Tandon aptly conducted the two days program.