TQM-India Unison 2024 on 19th & 20th April, 2024 organized by QCFI Headquarters hosted by Gwalior Chapter in association ABV-IIITM, Gwalior


Dear Quality Leaders,

India is on the cusp of evolution of the Indian TQM Model from QCFI which is better, faster and more economical. With immense pleasure and pride, We solicit your gracious presence in the TQM-India UNISON 2024 organized by QCFI Headquarters hosted by Gwalior Chapter in association with Atal Bihari Vajpayee – Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management Gwalior on 19th-20th April, 2024.  Program brochure attached for your kind perusal along with two days program flow.

The Summit on 19th April ’24 will witness eminent leaders/experts sharing their TQM success-stories, while the conclave on 20th April’24 will have cases / improvement projects sharing coming from all the organisations conveying best TQM interventions/practices following structured thought-process P-D-C-A. The two days TQM UNISON assure to inspire the improvement fraternity from India and make a definite head way towards Indian TQM system development. As a unique Knowledge- Sharing platform, this two day TQM- UNISON focuses on “Technical Papers” also from industry experts and promotes open innovation for greater collaboration between industries and research institutions.

The TQM – UNISON theme is “Total Quality Approach – Ultimate Growth Lever” which focuses on bringing out proven strengths of a comprehensive total quality approach. The theme will see TQM experts and CEOs sharing their thoughts and success stories on“how all Effective TQM Practices synergize the technical and behavioural excellence of the workforce across the entire hierarchy which have effectively aligned and have delivered the expectations of all stakeholders”. The theme will also emphasize the evergreen critical success factor of “Total Involvement of Total Quality People” which ensures seamless quality everywhere all-the-time, and builds the base for quantum, sustainable, inclusive growth.

QCFI is a one stop solution for all the trainings and facilitation for senior, middle and frontline employees for all functional domains; and has in operation its “Centre of Excellence” with unique quality solutions for everyone.

We call upon all organisations to come together to create synergy of collective potential to propel India’s growth multi-fold in the shortest time and be part of the Indian Quality Movement.

Let this TQM-India UNISON – 2024 be a fulfilling premier event of the country in the pursuit of collective quantum growth.
Looking forward to your active participation of organizations/teams
Best regards
Thanking You,
Sunil Shrivastava
Convenor – TQM-India Unison, &
Chief Operating Officer – TQM