5s Certification ceremony at DRM Office BZA Div.


 5s Certification ceremony at DRM Office BZA Div.

QCFI has added yet another feather in its cap by certifying DRM office BZA division which has implemented 5S workplace management on 30th of June 2016.The certification audit was carried out by DR Bangray Lead Auditor and Shri R.Srinivasan on 29th and 30th June 2016.  The work was initiated through a work order in sept 2014. The entire DRM office was divided into 15 Zones (Branch offices) including RLY hospital with Sr. Div. Heads and CMS as Branch officers who were given the responsibility. Shri P. Koteswararao Sr. DFM was nominated as chief coordinator to guide and monitor the progress with the assistance of QCFI. Initially though the progress was slow it later picked up from Jan’16. During the process of implementing 1S and 2S about 35 truckloads of old documents and broken furniture were disposed. All the files and documents were arranged in a systematic way by following 2S with indexing and labelling enabling the section staff for easy retrieval of files. This also could be done during any absence of staff as things are properly stacked without searching. The office atmosphere has improved with the practice of 3S and 4S with the display of various boards depicting section as well as employee’s name. Position marking through yellow lines gave a clear pathway for employees without hindrance. Slight culture change with respect to employee’s interaction and response could be observed. Most of the employees themselves accepted that this is a good concept for performance improvement and will benefit everyone.

Shri Ashok Kumarji Divisional Railway Manager in his address in the certification function congratulated all the Sr. Officers and section heads for achieving this. He also stressed that sustenance is an important aspect for which self-auditing and management audit should be continued without any letup. DRM, ADRM and chief coordinator thanked Dr. Bangray and Mr. R. Srinivasan of QCFI in making this happen for their sincere efforts and constant persuation.

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